Dish Washing Machine Model:XWJ-XD-25

1.It entirely adopts the superior stainless for the manufacture.
2.The more humanity design of the machine button identification image.
3.It brings about the more rational washing from effectively rote washing and the washing amrs.
4.The lately fashionable button switch,pleasing and gracefull outline,convenient operation.
Hourly Capacity:500 plates(305mm)/h
Wash Cycle Time:Variable, from 1 to 21/2 mins
Wash Pump:220L/min, 0.37kw
Wash Tank Capacity:20L
Wash Tank Heater:0.5kw
Wash Temperature:60~65°C
Rinse Tank Capacity: 7L
Rinse Tank Heater:2.4kw/6kw
Rinse Temperature:82°C
Electric Input:380V/50Hz,3N
Hot Water Input:0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa
Net Weight:59kg



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